UHP Graphite Electrodes

InnoGraf LLC specializes in the production of electric arc furnace (EAF) UHP graphite electrodes for steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metal production. 

InnoGraf LLC imports UHP graphite electrodes that are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment. The graphite electrodes are custom machined in our plant located in the USA. InnoGraf ensures product quality of its UHP Electrodes through a strategic partnership with Hongte Chemical in China. Hongte has provided high-quality needle coke to Tier 1 suppliers since 2011. 

InnoGraf has the exclusive rights to import Hongte electrodes after graphitization and before final machining. Through our strategic partnership InnoGraf has upgraded their electrode quality to a Tier 1 level. InnoGraf’s product offering is therefore American controlled. To ensure top quality control, InnoGraf employs a staff of American and Chinese engineers and technicians who work onsite in China at the Hongte facility. Prior to leaving China, all graphite electrodes are inspected, and tested for internal integrity before being put into a container. This approach ensures superior quality and enhances consistency for severe operations.

Assuring Superior Product Quality

InnoGraf has developed and implemented a process monitoring and control system that:

  • Allows US-based staff to remotely monitor and control all aspects of production.
  • Enables US-based staff to provide leadership and assistance in real time to staff members on site in China.
  • Ensures all production elements are monitored, including exact information on each individual product.

Product Testing Prior to Machining

InnoGraf tests 100 percent of all products prior to machining to ensure there are no internal flaws.

As part of this effort, InnoGraf employs aerospace industry inspection techniques to measure large parts and improve electrode performance at steel mills. InnoGraf Graph Check✓™ is creating a new standard for graphite electrode measurement that will provide superior, full-spectrum product testing. Graph Check✓™ laser inspection is included in every electrode purchased from InnoGraf.

Typical Properties for Innograf UHP Graphite Electrodes and Pins

Typical Properties for Electrodes

14 -18
350 – 450
20 – 26
500 – 650
28 – 32
700 – 800
Apparent Densityg/cm31.69 -1.801.69 – 1.801.70 – 1.81
Specific Electrical ResistivityµΩm4.1 – 5.44.0 – 5.33.9 – 4.8
Flexural StrengthN/mm212.0 – 18.011.0 – 16.010.0 – 16.0
Coefficient of Thermal Expansionx10-6 /   ͦC0.3 – 1.00.2 – 0.60.2 – 0.6

Typical Properties for Pins

TypePrimary MeltingSecondary Melting
Apparent Densityg/cm31.75 – 1.851.76 – 1.83
Specific Electrical ResistivityµΩm3.2 – 4.53.5 – 4.9
Flexural StrengthN/mm215.0 – 25.012.0 – 22.00
Coefficient of Thermal Expansionx10-6 /   ͦC0.1 – 0.30.1 – 0.5

Sizes for Innograf Graphite Electrodes and Pins



From 60” – 168”

In addition to standard lengths, InnoGraf has the capability to supply Extra- and Extra-Extra Long Electrodes. Longer electrodes mean less joints, more uptime, lower consumption, and increased production. 

NEW – Ask us about our solutions to utilize extra-long length electrodes- up to 168-inch lengths – for maximum EAF Performance with, with little to no modification needed for steel shop.

Longer electrodes mean fewer joints, more uptime, lower consumption, and increased production.