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InnoGraf is a high-quality graphite electrode producer that is easy to do business with

InnoGraf LLC provides Electric Arc Furnace users with high-quality large-diameter and super-size diameter graphite electrodes. In addition to graphite electrodes, InnoGraf provides innovations to both the steel and graphite industries that optimize graphite electrode value-in-use.

InnoGraf LLC was founded in 2019 by its CEO D’Wayne Cook to provide graphite electrodes and related services to the steel and graphite industries. Mr. Cook possesses over 25 years of engineering and operations expertise in the carbon and graphite industry. His experience includes decades working for SGL Carbon in key operations and technical roles. He also led the construction, startup, and overall operations of a greenfield graphite electrode manufacturing plant in Malaysia. D’Wayne Cook is also the owner of MBK Machine, an aerospace machine shop that includes customers such as NASA, SpaceX, Ball Aerospace, and others.

D. Cook LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/d-wayne-cook-58729220b/

In 2021, InnoGraf joined forces with HMS as a new Joint Venture to accelerate InnoGraf’ s commercial and business growth. InnoGraf’ s COO, Jamie Hansen, is the owner of HMS LLC (https://meltshops.com) which provides innovative products and services to global EAF steel producers. HMS is a passionate supporter of all things related to electric arc furnaces and was created to provide innovative solutions in these related process areas, expertise in the graphite industry, and guidance to EAF steel and steel-related companies.  HMS’s participation in InnoGraf is a logical extension of this proven approach. Mr. Hansen is an industrial entrepreneur with over 28 years of expertise in both the steel and carbon industries including process expertise in EAF Steel Manufacturing. Mr. Hansen’s experience includes co-founder and CEO of SANGRAF International, Inc, Melting Plant Manager for Charter Steel’s Cleveland division, Works Manager at TAMCO Steel, and North Star Steel St. Paul.

J. Hansen LinkedIn Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-hansen-531800/

InnoGraf is a graphite electrode producer offering products that are manufactured and graphitized using state-of-the-art equipment via strategic industry partnerships. Our graphite electrodes are custom machined in our plant located in the USA using specialized aerospace-bred techniques. All InnoGraf graphite electrodes are inspected and tested using our proprietary graphite physical and dimensional testing techniques before shipment to ensure the optimum performance of the electrode joint. Our approach ensures superior quality, consistency, and optimum performance in use for the EAF end user.

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