InnoGraf was founded in 2019 by D’Wayne Cook CEO to provide services to the EAF process areas and graphite industry. Mr. Cook possesses over 25 years of engineering and operations expertise in the carbon and graphite industry. His experience includes decades working for SGL Carbon where he built, staffed, and commissioned a Tier I plant in Malaysia.

  • Established InnoGraf in 2019.
  • Machine Shop for Electrodes and Pins started machining in November 2019.
  • Machined product fully controlled and inspected prior to coming into the US.
  • Machining is one of the most important process steps.

Via a strategic partnership with industry veteran Chen Wei, InnoGraf has transformed the Chinese firm, Hongte Chemical (HT), to a Tier I supplier.

InnoGraf imports graphite electrodes that are manufactured and graphitized using state-of-the-art equipment. The graphite electrodes are custom machined in our plant located in the USA. Prior to leaving China, all graphite electrodes are inspected, and tested before being put into a container. This approach ensures superior quality and enhances consistency.

To learn more, contact InnoGraf at info@innograf.com or 720-815-1101.