Innovative Graphite Solutions for the SteeI Industry

InnoGraf is an electrode producer providing products and services to help EAF Steelmakers optimize electrode performance.

  • Premium Large Diameter and Super-Size Diameter Graphite Electrodes up to 32” diameter produced with complete integration from needle coke to finished graphite.
  • Capability to supply and machine Long and Extra-long electrodes up to 168”
  • Customized Graphite Electrode machining in the USA for the highest electrode performance on severe EAFs.
  • Graph Check ™ – Laser measurement of electrode pin and socket geometry – on your plant site or in our Colorado shop.
  • Electrode Re-Machining salvage solutions. We buy broken electrodes and used graphite.

InnoGraf makes and precision machines electrodes for severe service and others. We target the tough applications and custom machine electrodes to your process requirements. We provide electrodes and specialized services for severe EAF’s. We can meet the graphite electrode needs of your company.

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Why the precision machining of graphite electrode joints and pins is important for improved performance.

  • InnoGraf believes that how electrode joints are machined can affect the performance of your electrode.
  • Precision machining of the joint and of the pin can assist in obtaining of one, two or even more heats per electrode.

Ask us how InnoGraf uses methods from aerospace technologies to machine to higher tolerances and increased performance.


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