Innovative Graphite Solutions for the SteeI Industry

InnoGraf LLC delivers high-quality extra-long UHP graphite electrodes, innovative electrode machining and additional services to the steel industry. InnoGraf specializes in the production of extra-long and extra extra long electric arc furnace (EAF) UHP graphite electrodes for steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metal production. Longer electrodes mean less joints, more uptime, lower consumption, and increase productions.

InnoGraf Specialties

  • Extra Long UHP Electrodes:
    158” and 220”
  • Larger Diameters:
    14” to 36”
  • USA Custom Machining
  • Remachining Service

Innovations in the Works

InnoGraf is currently researching and implementing a variety of other innovations:

  • Customized machining per customer for highest performance.
  • Electrode salvage program.
  • New design for lifting longer electrodes with little to no modification needed for steel shop.
  • Reduction of stub-end loss program as part of the Customer Focus Program.
  • Furnace electrode monitoring from cradle to grave to optimize performance.