Graph Check✓™

Laser measurement of electrode pin and socket geometry

A New inspection method for graphite electrodes

  • Allows modern EAF steel producers to rapidly evaluate electrodes for “fitness for duty” prior to being added to the EAF.
  • Bringing Aerospace methods of laser measuring large parts to improve electrode performance in Steel Mills.
  • Graph Check✓™ uses a new inspection method technology that goes above and beyond existing OEM methods and obtains orders of magnitude greater precision than the industry standard ring gauges.
  • Innograf portable laser scanner allows for the “whole picture” to be seen.
  • Laser measurement of the electrode joints assure severe service results.
  • Graph Check✓™ inspection is included in every electrode purchased from InnoGraf

Scan assembled electrodes, quantify results, generate valuable data with Graph Check✓™ the InnoGraf Graphite Electrode Laser Measurement Inspection Tool.